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Batam Island Travel Guide

 Batam, Indonesia was a quiet coastal backwater, far from central Jakarta, at the forgotten edge of Indonesia. The new Hang Nadim Airport, good class hotels, restaurants and entertainment complexes mushroomed all over Batam island. Batam became the Singaporeans' playground. Batam has a deserved reputation for its seafood restaurants. Prawns, lobsters, green clams, and the local specialty "Gong Gong" are on offer at many restaurants. Most travelers to Batam stay around either Nagoya or Waterfront City. Nagoya (yes, it is named after the Japanese city), is the effective centre for the Batam traveler. You will find the best hotels in town, the inimitable Pujasera Hawker Centre, and of course numerous Spas offering sports massage.
It is situated in the province of Riau islands. Batam is a great place for a holiday. The Ocean Water Park and another island called Barelang Island are two places that you ought to visit when you are here in Batam. Batam Center is the place that you can visit if you are interested in historical buildings and landmarks or even if you want to look at great architecture.
Batam is filled with entertainment and nightlife. There are a huge number of karaoke bars, popular night clubs and pubs. One of the most visited places for fine dining in Batam would be the sea food restaurant named Golden Prawn. Batam also offers a good fast food experience. Batam has numerous options when it comes to stay. Excite hotels Takes Travelers to Relax in Cosy Hotels in Batam.
Waterfront City on the west coast of Batam, south of Sekupang, is a magnet for thrill seekers. Batam is a duty free zone. Overall, there is a distinct cowboy vibe to the whole Batam experience. Batam is a well-known vacation spot for Singaporeans, just as Bintan is. How to reach Batam
Batam is reachable with in 45 minutes from Singapore Ferry boat. Batam can be defined as slightly less expensive and less developed form of Bintan. Ferry is the only accessible way to enter Batam from Singapore. Packages for traveling:
Travelers can save their money by selecting holiday deals. It is accessible through out the holiday seasons. These travel offers consists of accommodation and ferry tickets charges. Singaporeans take pleasure in their stay at the tourist resorts located at Nongsapura in Batam city.
Ferry is the ideal transport system that takes travelers to Batam from Singapore. It is recommended to obtain journey packages instead of losing your money on separate ferry and hotel bookings. There are hourly based ferries to Batam center from Harbour front Ferry Terminal
From Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Nongsapura. From Batam center, most accommodations prepare the pick up service from the Batam center to the hotel. Do book your return ticket from Batam to Singapore at the ferry terminal when you arrive as the ferries can get full quickly.
Dry seasons support outdoor activities and water sports. It is the very best time to travel to Batam. If you are interested in water sports activities, avoid traveling throughout the rainy season. The ideal time to journey to Batam will be between May and September.

Bandung - Paris van Java, Hotel Guide

Bandung, the beautiful city of flowers is also known as the Paris of Java. There are quite a few must-see places in Bandung and tourists can stay at one of the many Bandung hotels and explore these places. One can trek down through the craters, and in one of the crater called Domas crater there are many hot geysers. The place looks really nice in mist. Pasar Baru Trade Center is one of the iconic market places Bandung. Ciater Hot Spring is a beautiful small park with a hot water pool where one can relax and swim. Villa Isola: One of the popular art-deco buildings of Bandung, Villa Isola was built in 1933 by Dutch architect Charles Prosper Wolff Schoemaker for an Italian millionaire D.W. Berretty. It was later converted into a hotel and presently it is Indonesia University of Education's headmastership building.
The building is nick-named as Kebab building with reference to the building's flag pole. The Gedung Building is one of the biggest buildings of Bandung and was built by a Dutch architect J.Gerber in year 1922. Presently it serves as the Governor's building. Museum of The Asian-African Conference is also called the Merdeka Building and is another example of art-deco building. Tiga Warna: One of the small but marvelous examples of art-deco building, Tiga Warna was built in 1938. With so many places to visit, Bandung is a perfect holiday destination, and tourists can stay at any of the hotels in Bandung to enjoy a memorable holiday. Steeped in rich cultural heritage, the largest city of Indonesia, Bandung, is a gem in the crown. To ensure worldwide travelers a memorable trip in the city there are a number of Bandung Hotels.
Most of the hotels of Bandung stand at very convenient point of the city. You can choose a hotel according to your convenience. There are innumerable luxury hotels in Bandung and an equally good number of cheap hotels. Spend a day or a week in the luxury hotels of Bandung of Indonesia. All the luxurious hotels provide spacious rooms that have beautiful interiors. Bandung is a prime destination for honeymooners. Begin your new life by availing a room in the honeymoon suites of the hotels. Marvel at the beautiful surrounding of the hotel from your rooms. There are a good number of cheap hotels in the city. The amenities offered by any of these hotels can compete with the quality of services offered by any luxurious hotels. Bandung, popularly known as the city of flowers is the capital of West Java in Indonesia. Some of the best budget hotels in Bandung, Indonesia are:
-          Arion Swiss Belhotel Bandung, This is a stunning hotel in the capital city. The hotel has 58 rooms to offer to its guests. Fitness center and spa center are some of the exclusive features of this hotel.
-          Holiday Inn Bandung Hotel, The hotel offers 146 rooms an also has a big restaurant.
-          Jayakarta, Bandung, This is a 4 star hotel that offers you luxuries that one generally experiences in 5 star hotels. The conference hall of the hotel can accommodate up to 200 people. The hotel is a four storey contemporary building. The hotel is just a few minutes away from the airport.

-          Aston Tropicana Hotel And Plaza, This hotel offers the most exciting hotel experience in Bandung. They have great hospitality staff that entertains both leisure and business travelers. The hotel has around 100 deluxe rooms to offer and almost all the famous attractions of Bandung are just a few minutes away from the hotel.
-          Grand Aquila, Bandung, The hotel offers some of the best hospitality services in the city. The high rise building of Grand Aquila is located at the center of city's commercial district. A huge meeting room is also available in the hotel for the business travelers.

Jakarta - The Capital of Indonesia

Jakarta is the largest city and the capital of Indonesia. Jakarta is situated on the island of Java in Indonesia. Jakarta is famous for its street food and offers a variety of food from different parts of Indonesia. A wide variety of International cuisines are available ranging from restaurants to vendors to sidewalk cafes. Depending on your budget, you may choose from among cheap Jakarta hotels or from the few luxury hotels in Jakarta.
Located in the tropical zone, Jakarta's climate is hot and humid. Like the rest of Indonesia, Citizen of Jakarta speaks the national language, "Bahasa Indonesia". Current population of Jakarta consists of various ethnic groups from different parts of Indonesia, including Chinese, Arab and Indian descendants in commercial areas.
The cheap flights to Jakarta give you such a fantastic place to spend your vacations at, and make the trip all the more memorable. Being abundant in its architecture and cultural legacy, Jakarta is truly an ambassador of the Indonesian history and culture and currently is the most populous city of Indonesia.
Several travelers around the world seek flights to Jakarta each year and explore this fantastic city flights to Jakarta give you marvelous exhibition of the number of tourist's activities ranging from natural sight seeing, religious places, historical monuments, sun kissed beaches, dense green jungles, and many other pertinent rich sights and activities.
In addition to the cheap flights to Jakarta, look out for a travel package if offered by any air line or a reputed travel agent because it can save your entire cost including the flights to Jakarta and your travel to some known places in the city.
If you're looking for cheap Jakarta hotels, the best place to look is Jalan Jaksa. If you're really lucky, you may even get a good deal in one of the luxury hotels in Jakarta. The travel agents situated in the airport may also get you a good price for a hotel in Jakarta. But the best are online hotel reservation agencies who offer booking for the cheap Jakarta hotels.
There are excellent shopping options in Jakarta. Though you can relax in your hotel in Jakarta there are issues plaguing tourists with touts and pickpockets.

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